Obtain single-source programmatic access to your commerce system using Vayam’s innovative and easy-to-use interface.

Vayam gives you programmatic access to all Oracle Commerce functionalities and easily integrates with other business and product information management systems.

Commerce Anywhere

Ensure a uniform customer experience across all customer touch points

Commerce Transaction Continuity

Allow purchases initiated in one device to be seamlessly continued in another device

User Experience Independence

Headless commerce allows independent development of UI and the back-end system


Vayam’s rich interface leverages ARTS model and Oracle Commerce to bring you the following:


Retrieve the full catalog tree/retrieve a single catalog/ query to retrieve based on a specified number of levels or by category name

Retrieve the full category tree/retrieve a single category/query to retrieve based on a specified number of levels

Retrieve all products/query for products belonging to a category

Retrieve bestselling and/or featured products

Retrieve cross-sell and up-sell products and/or products belonging to the same category

Retrieve all SKUs of a product or a specific SKU



Retrieve all customers/query based on first name, last name or a single customer

Add a new customer/update an existing profile

Retrieve orders of a specific customer/query orders based on order date or state

Retrieve last viewed products by a customer

Retrieve all addresses of a customer/query based on address type

Add/update/delete an address

Retrieve customer’s contact information

Retrieve and update customer’s payment preferences

Retrieve all of customer’s credit cards/query based on nickname and last four digits of credit card

Add/update/delete a credit card

Retrieve gift lists, wish lists

Add/update/delete a gift list or wish list

Retrieve items in a gift/wish list

Add/delete an item in a gift/wish list



Retrieve orders based on state and customer ID

Post a new order/update an existing order

Retrieve all line items of an order/query based on item or line number of the item in the order

Add a line item to the order (Add to cart)/update an existing item

Delete a line item from the cart

Retrieve all payment groups in an order or a specific payment group

Add/update/delete a payment group

Retrieve all shipping groups in an order or a specific shipping group

Add/update/delete a shipping group



Search using search term, category ID

Refine search based on a facet value (e.g. color,size)

Refine search based on a facet value (e.g. price range)



Develop apps using the API interface without having to understand the commerce platform

Build Content driven commerce by embedding dynamic commerce elements on the page

Create micro sites with specific focus on brand and use commerce widgets to bring transaction capability


Compliance with Industry Standards

Vayam uses NRF (National Retail Foundation) canonical for its contract de nitions.

Effortless Client App Integration

Vayam is HATEOAS compliant, i.e. every response is accompanied by hypermedia links for a potential next API call, thus significantly easing client development.

Co-existence of Multiple Versions

Since multiple versions can co-exist, client apps need not change for every API upgrade and can continue to operate undisturbed.

Multiple Resource Views

Vayam provides multiple views of the resource (e.g.summary view, detailed view etc.) thus obviating the need for ltration at the client level.

System-independent Deployment

Since the deployments are independent of each other, API releases can be done without reference to back-end systems.


Vayam supports OAuth 2.0, an industry standard authentication system.

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